Holy Week Chants

Holy Week Chants@2x

Chants of Holy Week from the Missale Romanum (1962). So that no book switching is required, everything is included to sing each of the Masses (and other services) in Gregorian Chant, with Psalms, Antiphons, Hymns, and Mass Ordinaries.

The Latin chants and prayers are printed alongside or inline with English translations. Rubrics for each part of the rites are concise, but more specific to the choir and singers.

Extensive appendices with simplified chants of longer Tracts, additional antiphons and ancient hymns.

Sample Pages

Available in Paperback.


  • Palm Sunday
    • Blessing and Procession with Palms
      • Additional chants for the procession in appendix
    • Mass
      • Ordinary parts from Mass XVII
      • Simplified versions of the Tract in appendix
      • Passion of Saint Matthew with “Turba” parts notated
      • Communion psalm fully notated (Vulgate)
  • Masses of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Holy Week
    • Ordinary parts from Mass XVIII
  • Holy Thursday (Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper)
    • Ordinary parts from Mass IV (Mass IX in appendix)
    • Antiphons for the Washing of Feet
    • Communion psalms fully notated (Vulgate)
    • Stripping of the Altars and Compline
  • Good Friday Solemn Afternoon Liturgy
    • Simplified versions of the Responsories/Tracts in appendix
    • Passion of Saint John with “Turba” parts notated
    • Prayer Pro conversione Iudaeis as revised in 2008
    • Compline
  • Easter Vigil and Mass
    • Benedictus canticle fully notated in solemn tone
  • Easter Sunday of the Resurrection
    • Vidi aquam
    • Communion psalm fully notated (Vulgate)


  • Palm Sunday
    • Procession
      • Resp. Collegerunt
      • Resp. In monte Oliveti
      • Ant. Cum appropinquaret
      • Ant. Cum audisset
      • Ant. Ante sex dies
      • Ant. Omnes collaudant (mode VIII)
      • Hymn Celsae salutis
      • Hymn Magnum salutis
      • Hymn Iesu rex admirabilis
      • Christus vincit I (Laudes regiae)
      • Christus vincit II (Kunc)
      • Christus vincit III (Psalm 116)
    • Tract Deus Deus meus (psalm tone)
  • Holy Thursday
    • Hymn O Redemptor
    • Mass IX
    • Additional Communion Psalms (Vulgate, Mode II psalm tone)
      • Psalm 22
      • Psalm 71
      • Psalm 103
      • Psalm 150
  • Good Friday
    • Tract (Responsory) Domine audivi (psalm tone)
    • Tract (Responsory) Eripe me…Domine (psalm tone)
    • Hymn Crux fidelis/Pange lingua…lauream (Revised text)
    • Responsories at Communion
      • Resp. Omnes amici
      • Resp. Velum templi
      • Resp. Vinea mea
      • Resp. Tamquam ad latronem
      • Resp. Tenebrae
      • Resp. Animam meam
      • Resp. Tradiderunt
      • Resp. Iesum tradidit
      • Resp. Caligaverunt
    • Hymn Vexilla Regis
    • Hymn Stabat Mater
  • Easter Vigil
    • Hymn Inventor rutili
    • Rite of Baptism (English: 1961 Collectio Rituum approved for the United States)
    • Rite of Confirmation
    • Hymn at Communion Adoro te devote
  • Easter Sunday
    • Hymn Salve festa dies
    • Verse Gloria Patri (Introit tone IV)