Martyrologium Romanum

Martyrologium Romanum@2x

A newly typeset reproduction of the Latin Martyrologium Romanum, as in the last typical edition, editio quarta post typicam (1956).

The changes detailed in the 1961 CDF decree Variationes in Martyrologio Romano are fully integrated. As such, this edition is the first and only that integrates exactly with the calendar and office of Prime of the 1961 Breviarium Romanum.

As a practical edition, the extensive indices and historical tracts are omitted, but an appendix is added which briefly lists (in calendar order) the names of the 600+ saints which have been formally canonized since 1960.

  • 6″ x 9″ volume printed in easy to read 12 point black and red type
  • Full lunar table for each day to determine the ecclesiastical age of the moon (Luna…)
  • Table with the Martyrology Letter, Epact, and Golden Number for each year through 2074

Sample Pages (January)

Available in Hardback and Paperback.

Additional Content

2020 Reference Card: A bookmark with the dates of mobile feasts and offices (print front and back)

Apostolic Constitution of Pope Gregory XIII: Emendato iam

Explanation of the Lunar Cycle: De pronuntiatione lunæ

The Church Fathers on the Saints: Patrum testimonium

Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XIV on the updated Martyrology: Postquam intelleximus

Appendix of the names of Newly Declared Saints (since 1960)