Sequence: Laude iocunda melos


Full chant

Sequence for the Feast of Saints Peter & Paul, June 29

Sound, O crowd, the melody in joyful praise,
Joining the words to rhythmic symphony,
May this famous harmony even join the lights of the sky,
Which with golden light illuminate all realms of the world.

Their strong trophies are already blossoming in the kingdom of heaven,
Whose merits dispel the crimes on this shining day.

For one triumphed through the execution on the cross, the other through the sword in the neck, both laurels are shining.
And above the highest stars, famous through their victory, they are prelates in the heavenly court.
From thence, thou, O blessed Peter, who openest [and] closest the great gates of heaven with thy word,
Mildly receive the faithful prayers, dissolving all bonds of sin.

Paul, bring us holy doctrine that illuminateth the hearts of the people,
And carry our minds beyond the stars, as perfectly as God may give.
From thence may come the music of the virtues, fair, with strings and singing,
In that shall be composed the harmony, and that, which is really the original perfect fourth.

Consisting of Virtue and Justice
Of Temperance and Prudence,

With them more than fittingly adorned, let the crowds sing enharmonic canticles to Christ.
May they be joined to our choir, may they give these lights, whom we give more than lyrical songs,
Now everything that is redeemed shall give a solemn Amen.

Melody and text as in the Gregorian Institute of Canada’s Sarum Rite Sequentiarium edited by William Renwick and Caroleen Molenaar.
Translation from the Saint John Fisher Missale.